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Young people in conflict with the law and those at risk of offending are more resilient and have taken steps
towards active citizenship 

Addressing SDG 16

The overall Development Goal of the Youth Justice programme in South Africa is:

Young people have the ability, voice and space to influence those in authority.

Since 2018, the YMCA reduced the rate of recidivism among participants in the programme to less than 10%.

This is achieved through high levels of support to offenders while they are in prison; 

connecting the offender to family and community;
providing job skills training and
psycho/social support on release from Correctional Centres. 

Definition of recidivism: A measurement of the rate at which offenders commit other crimes, either by arrest or conviction baselines, after being released from incarceration.

The current rate of recidivism in South Africa ranges from 70% to 85%

Supported by Sida, Swedish Mission Council and in partnership with Sweden YWCA/YMCA

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YMCA South Africa



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