Western Cape

Athlone YMCA (Chartered)

Contact person: Ryan Benjamin
Phone: 021 637 5150
Address: Dr Abduraghman Avenue, Kewtown, Athlone
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YAthlone/

Email: ryan@ymcaathlone.org

You Tube:

Chairperson: Ms. Nelisa Sinuka

No of Members: 20 / No of beneficiaries: 2059

Cape Flats YMCA (Chartered)

Contact Person: Ricky de Reuck

Phone: 021 391 7642

Address: 7 Pisa Close, Portlands, Mitchells Plain

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cape-Flats-YMCA-208338172085/

Email: ricky@ymcacapeflats.co.za 

Chairperson: Mr. Graeme Matthei

No of Members: No information provided / No of beneficiaries: est. 1500


Cape Town YMCA (non Chartered)

Contact Person: Stephen Stockdale

Phone: 021 4476217

Address: Burham Road, Observatory, Cape Town

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cape-Flats-YMCA-208338172085/


Email: gm@ymcacapetown.org.za

Chairperson:  No information provided

No of Members: No information provided. No of beneficiaries: unknown.

Ravensmead YMCA 

Contact Person: William Charles

Phone: 021 931 7493

Address: Civic Centre, Christian Street, Ravensmead

Facebook: www.facebook.com/YMCAravensmead/

Email: williamcharles06@yahoo.com

Chairperson: Mr. Ashley Williams

No of Members: 25 / No of beneficiaries: 120

UCT Student YMCA

Contact Person: Fritz van der Lecq

Phone: 021 686 6637

Address: 25 Stanley Road, Rondebosch

Facebook: www.facebook.com/studentyuct/
Website: www.studentyuct.co.za

Email: fritzvdl@gmail.com
Chairperson: Dr. Pete Chapman
No of Members: 72 / No of beneficiaries: 40

CPUT Student YMCA (non Chartered)

Contact Person: Rob Walker


Address: CPUT campus, Cape Town


Email: robwalker.walkers@gmail.com

Chairperson: Mr. Grant Owens

No of Members: 200 / No of beneficiaries: 500

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