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Over 500 young people have been trained as S2C catalysts since 2013.
Now serving as leaders of the YMCA movement in South Africa. 

S2C/Changemaker is facilitated through a collaboration between
SA YMCA and the following partners; 

The video below is an example of how the S2C/Changemaker programme works / video was produced by Martin Lindgren, an intern from the Swedish YWCA/YMCA exchange programme with SA YMCA. 

S2C finds expression in South Africa through the
PowerSpace methodology of
leadership development, social action and linking to opportunities.

The Subject to Citizen concept, or S2C, is a cross cutting theme underpinning all YMCA programmes. It is an Africa wide programme within YMCAs, to raise a generation of self aware, confident, skilled, globally connected and compassionate leaders.

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