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Each local YMCA in South Africa is required to fulfill 8 criteria in order to be Chartered. This brings them into an Association of YMCAs in 122 countries and authorises them to use the name, logo and programmes of the South African National Council of YMCAs.

Affiliated to...

YMCA Charter criteria

1. Certified acceptance of the constitution of the SAYMCA

2. Whose governing documents provide that it shall be designated as a YMCA and which is organized and operated in conformity with its constitution

3. Up to date with fairshare payments to SA YMCA

4. Up to date with reporting to SAYMCA. Each member association is required to submit annual Audited Statements and Annual Report to the SA National Council of YMCAs

5. Whose General Secretary meets the qualifications as required by SA YMCA

6. Which annually certifies that its policies and practices are non-discriminatory

7. Which provides at least two signature programmes of the SAYMCA

8. Which has a current NPO registration

Reason for Charter

Creating best practice for

YMCAs to be 'safe spaces'

for young people


Adopted by the
SA National Council of YMCA's in 2013

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